What If it is so?…

I’d like to see some things in the near future :

– Anti-glare contact lenses ( they darken once in direct contact with sunlight )

– First personal flying car VTOL

– Full weapon storage , worldwide and shift towards global peace.

…I will come back with more crazy ideas !

It looks like We’re getting closer and closer to the first and official close encounter of the first kind…I see all around the world various messages sent from the average individual to most powerful presidents , from street corner priests to the Pope…all have the same basic message: get close to each other ,unite , make peace , start learning together …..and hey are coming.

If one looks on MUFON site , there is a live sigtings map…well , just go there and see for Yourselves ….

I wish wars end once and for all…

What if …We originally come from Venus and once it got hot ( or planet’s poles shifted…or getting to close to the Sun …) and the combination of chemicals changed so it could not be suitable to sustain life We’ve moved to the next / closest planet  ( Earth ) and knowing that it will share the same fate with Venus in some millions of years from now ,  We’ve made another ( temporary ) step to Mars and left all the signs ( pyramids ) so it becomes clear ( and obvious in the future ) as in the next step mankind has to take …when the moment comes.

Just a hint on the above words:

The “Sphinx” or the “Mars Face” has been discovered some years back and ever since people wondered “what if?…” and what if it really is an artificially made structure ( Prof. Richard C. Hoagland has a very interesting theory on it ) and would really look like this ?

This is a CGI image from “Mission to Mars” movie and it’s very similar to Romanian Artist ( Constantin Brancusi – sculptor ) creation :”Mademoiselle Pogany” or “The Dormant Muse” or something in between….I would really like to see the first Mars Mission from Earth going straight to that place ( where the Sphinx is ) , on Cydonia Planitia and NOT on another “rich in minerals/craters/chemicals – advised by specialists” place…I guess only time will tell if We really want to know .


Whatever We imagine it all ready happened…our brain “storms out” ONLY events , places , situations that have been / succeeded in the past …what if whomever created a fairy tale , actually depicted a REAL WORLD ….or what if CORUSCANT ( the planet city from Star Wars ) does actually EXIST ….there are series of events that leads one to the following :


The World must achieve global peace !

The World then through its people will progressively reach a superior stage and state of mind , more like a bee hive and only then will We realize that beyond is too small of a word!

I do forsee this :

-By 2020 We would have arrived on Mars and NASA would have revealed the real findings on the Moon.

-By 2050 the World as We know it would have change so much and much more will be green and clean

-By 2060 only would We achieve a healthier and better Africa …cancer and AIDS would be curable by then as well.

I do forsee that by 2070 the World will make the first public contact with an alien race , which will teach Us how to achieve that bee hive like mind ….the global mind ! It will behave ( kind of like the www ) for good , communication and who knows , maybe travel back and forward in time .

However strange that may sound , who knows….

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  1. It seems like u actually know plenty regarding this specific subject matter and
    that demonstrates throughout this specific posting, called “What If it is so?

    Hotel Training”. Many thanks -Kina

    • Well , to me it only make sense , otherwise , We , as Human race don’t stand a chance and I do not think it happened any other way.With regards to the “ideas” it should come in the open in the near future…some of the things are in development as We speak….

      Thank You for the comment!

      Please receive My Best Regards ,


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