Party…on Cruise Ships and elsewhere…

Working in the Hospitality ( Hotel and Cruise ) Industry demands from the employees a lot of work and time spent on duty…however be sure that there is a FUN part of it : going around the islands , going to parties ashore and on board , having birthdays celebrated , going to shows and so on….I’ll let you look and have a taste of what’s in store …he he he

P.S. You’ll see me around and surrounded by lots of drinks and stuff….just to be clear on that…never ever have I been looked at for strange behaviour or similar.Don’t get me wrong love wine and cigars and I constantly read books about it.


Some party in the ship’s disco

DSCF6936Atlantis Charter Cruise on GTS Infinity

DSCF3559Camelia’s Birthday on M/V Century

DSCF3778Francesca’s farewell party

DSCF8012Last Party on M/V Century Hemisphere Club before dry dock

DSCF6008Sangria Party on GTS Infinity

DSCF6858Me & Johnny ( actually Ion from Maramures )

DSCF4223Me & Dance captain Meredith..last evening of the Cast ( dancers and singers ) on board M/V Century

DSCF5512New Year’s Eve on the open deck with Bianca – Aqua Spa ( from Brasov )

DSCF8056Easter Evening on M/V Century ( note please that all officers were Greek on that ship so we’ve had all the good things )

DSCF6808Cabin Party….we shouldn’t really…oh man…+ palinca ( for the connoisseurs )

DSCF6028Lunch at the Romanian Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale…I’m not a PDL fan…but I was dressed in …orange…waiting for the “mici”

4080’s party on GTS Infinity….ok , one more !

38….don’t ask , please

DSCF0365Lunch in St. Marteen ( french side ) with Giles , Laure and one of our colegues ( she is from Swiss…forgot the name , sorry …)

DSCF7363Wine and Cheese Evening…and cigars ( that was mine and I took the picture ) with my Romanian friends

I’ll post some more , that’s a promise!

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