Dining Rooms around the World and Amazing Set Ups

This chapter is all about amazing set ups and dining rooms around the world , in exotic and not so exotic places ….I’ll let You be the judge on this !

Not only sand castles can be made out of … sand

By the beach …

I’ll spend an evening with wine and cheese in this location !

Diner for two !

Excellent Design

Perfect Location

This is “thinking out of the box” design…almost sure it’s in Asia ….

Rooftop in …Rome

Another “by the beach” example


Love this table!

Outstanding location….I wonder however how would the food and wine reach the location…the food might arrive cold unless is prepared on the gueridon!

I don’t know where that is but it’s nice nevertheless

We would have such locations in Romania as well…

Table set up on the deck

A la plage….

Rooftop again and classic set up

This could be Africa ….excellent location for diner

where is the table ?….

I’ve seen such set up in Myanmar at Ngapali Beach

Nice set up…might be noisy due to the waves

Romantic diner location

As far as I know this is in Barbados

by the beach again….

Now , this one’s special…how long would anyone look around for such a spot ?!

This is a classic !

in the mountains

Nice restaurant by the beach…could be Greece as they have an extended tradition on this

Another deck set up , probably in the Caribbeans

Luxurious …too bright for my personal taste

Outstandingly beautiful !

Underwater restaurant…or simply an aquarium

Restaurant terrace by the lake

This one is in Bangkok I think..or is it Tokyo?…I can’t decide…

This one could be in Asia as well…Le Planteur Restaurant in Yangon ( Union of Myanmar ) use to set up like this in the garden

I have posted this one before…To My knowledge this restaurant is in the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai

Anyone interested in having a romantic dinner yet?…

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