Chapter 2.5.General View on Wine

This is probably how it all begun…my Grandfather used to make wine every year, His brothers too and one of the memories I have is being present in the Peter( my Grandfather older brother )  cellar when this photo was made.

My grandfather , Peter and Elie ( their youngest brother , looking funny at the camera and all…I mean he was always funny!  ) – 1978

My Grandparents enjoyed wine at every occasion …just as much as I do

( this was probably a wedding… )

Huge wedding in the 1960’s the province…I was not around …

A few more things about Wine …a few cellars and how should they look …and so on

A very modern cellar entrance

..and another glimpse of the famous Graycliff Cellar

Cognacs and Cigars Area

Brunello di MontalcinoCol D’Orcia – 1980

..and more wine bottles

This is actually part of the Cellar Dinner Room

Different angle Cellar Dinner Room.

Huge Marques de Caceres bottle – Rioja – 1992

white wine

Champagne anyone?

engraved bottles…apparently these engraved bottles cold go up several thousands of dollars

marvels for the connoisseurs

House Cellar – United States of America

House Cellar and Dinning Area

I have received the permission to present  the brand of Armand de Brignac Champagne and here there are a couple of photos from their cellar:

It could be mistaken for the Fort Knox…

Outstanding Bottle Design

 Apartment Private Cellar View No.1

Apartment Private Cellar View No.2

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