Chapter 2.3.General View on Wine

Hello everyone !

Here We go again with the third chapter :

….Some of You must know by now that I’m a huge STAR WARS fan and I could not find a better way to start Episode III….uhh , I mean Chapter III

Beaujolais Village

This wine is a second classification wine produced with Gamay grape in the granite soil of 39 communes in the Beaujolais area which are recognized to produce better than average wines and labeled with the name of the village such a Lantigny, Leynes, Quincie, St, Etienne, St. Jean d’Arclieres. The wines of this area have a clear, brilliant red color and fairly light body with fruitiness taste; they should not be kept for many years because they are more pleasant while in the fresh vigor of youth. In France most of those wines are drunk before they are two or three years old.


Santa Margherita

The Merlot grapes used to produce this wine are cultivated in the eastern part of Veneto, region in the north part of Italy.

The soil are semi-rocky, alluvial rich in lime and clay.

The planting density is 3350 vine per hectare and average vine age is 15-20 years.

Harvested in September the grapes are left on the skin for 9 days at max. temperature of 32C. After the fermentation in stainless steel the 145 days aging process is in 225 liters French oak casks.

A blend is made of 60% oaked and 405 non-oaked wine before aging 3 months in bottles before sale.

It has an intense brilliant ruby color with hints of cherry and vanilla; the taste is fresh, slightly grassy, velvety with caracter and slightly tannic resulting in a well structured, harmonious wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Santa Carolina

This is one of the most popular vine produced in the Maipo region, due to the name of the main river, in the northern part of Chile near Santiago: the Capital.

For decades those wine were used for the local consumption and only in the 1980 after a serious investment by foreign producer the Chilean governement made a commitment to a long term future as wine exporter.

This vine is produced by blending Cabernet Sauvignon and other variety of Cabernet Franc in the Maipo area that is somewhere between California Napa Valley and Bordeaux in France.

Harvest of wine grapes for Cabernet is at the end of April and after a fermentation in stainless steel the aging process is in oak barrels for over 9 months.

This wine have an intense ruby color and unusual aromas of ripe fruit Such cherry, plums armoniously combined with the fresh oak.

In the taste is soft and round with smooth and round tannins with an elegant warm and velvety finish. Live in the palate a long and pleasant aftertaste.



1998 Robert Mondavi Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve.

Region/ Origin: Napa Valley

Residual Sugar: Dry (.08%)

Total Acid: 0.57%

Alcohol: 14.1% by volume

Final pH: 3.79

Blend: 84% Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Cabernet Franc, 4% Merlot, 1% Petit Verdot

Winemaker’s Notes

Rich layers of cassis, boysenberry and black cherry slowly unfold in this 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. Nuances of spice, cedar forest and licorice heighten the wine’s complex excellent structure, with broad, muscular tannins and a long, velvety finish, promises even greater taste with bottle aging for 15 or more years. From several high quality Napa Valley vineyards, primarily from the Oakville district, that winemakers have chosen as having the most fruit character and finest balance of the vintage. Extended maceration, a long malolactic fermentation in new French oak barrels, captured and enhanced the wine’s expression of vineyard terroir.


In Napa Valley, as throughout California, 1998 was an unusual for weather. El Nino gave an extrame, twice as the normal rainfall, 18 days of frost, cold weather, heat spells. Yields for some varieties were down because of the wet weather during bloom and excessive summer heat caused sunburn in some vineyards, necessitating thinning to maintain quality. But then, as harvest approached, the weather improved, and they had near perfect mild, sunny ripening. The small, loose clusters had sufficent ˝hang time˝ on the vines to create vibrant flavors and balance in the wines. Overall, the 1998 harvest, turned out to be outstanding quality.

Fermentation and aging

Hand- harvested grapes in small bins brought to the winery for light crushing. The wine was fermented with a combination of cultured and native yeasts for greater complexity.

After an average of 37 days extended skin contact to naturally soften tannins and enhance varietal character, the wine was gently pressed and transferred to 60 gallon, chateau- style French oak barrels (85% New French Oak). All the wine completed an extended (85% native) malolactic fermentation in barrels for softness and depth.

To achieve natural clarity, they gently racked the wine barrell-to-barrell six times during over 15 months aging.

The wine was bottled unfiltered to fully retain the vibrant aromas and rich, powerful flavors.

I have participated to a Riedel Wine Show / Tasting , that took place in Bucharest on the 1st. of October at J.W. Marriott Grand Hotel and as I knew very well ( and I’m about to explain ) the glass can make the difference.

At Riedel / Vinexpert Wine Show / Tasting – J.W. Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest

Thinking how fantastic wine is!

Mr.Kornel Dura, RIEDEL manager for Scandinavia and Eastern Europe

Constanta Ceremony Hall at J.W. Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest

Observing Sauvignon Blanc …

Brunello Di Montalcino

Although Italy has been producing wines since 3500 years ago, Brunello Di Montalcino is considered a new invention. It is a vision and creation of Ferrucio Biondi Santi .Mid 18th centuries when most of vineyards across Europe had been infested by Pylloxera- a kind of bug that killed the crops slowly. So, Mr. Biondi Santi comes out with this new invention. He isolated the Brunello and replanted it throughout his vineyards at his estate in Il Greppo, which has volcanic soil .At that time, most of the wine made in Montalcino was sweet and white. Those who preferred red drank Chianti, which was light in style and not very aged worthy. Brunello Di Montalcino was exact opposite, it has ample body, packed with flavors,intense color and capable of being cellared in decades.

During fermentation the grape skin sit with the juice for a maximum color extractions. Brunello must be aged for 4 years (2 must be in oak barrel for a regular Brunello Di Montalcino) and must be aged for 5 years ( 2 ½ in oak barrel for Riserva).

In great vintages, Brunello can take a stunning elegance, suppleness and concentrations. Texture can be as unctuous as chocolate syrup. It has a reputation of longevity, after a hundred year sit can still be remarkable.

1980 Brunello di Montalcino was awarded D.O.C.G. status, it was one of the first Italian Reds to be given such designation.

Grapes: 100% Sangiovese

Alcohol : 13.5%

Vintage: 1996

Color : Dark Purple Red to Red- Brownish Reflections

Smell : Very Expansive, solid core of ripe fruit, berries, plums

Taste: Complex, deep fruit flavor combined with supple tannins-Full body

Finish: Harmonious, Lingering and chewey

Sangiovese – Sangue D Giove ( Blood of Jove )

…and then , the next day I went , together with my wife , to the opening of the first Wine Bar – a proper one ! – in Bucharest which happens to be in a newly opened COCOR Shopping Center .

The New Wine Bar at Cocor Shopping Center

Now , finally One will be able to find very good wines from Chile , Australia , Spain …and of course France !

Me & Mr. Catalin Paduraru – Wine Critic

Cigars are to be find as well , Champagne and some famous glasses ( RIEDEL )

Some more wines and of course …a book…about wines!

Me , My Wife and Mr. Catalin Paduraru at the Wine Bar opening

Wine tasting at Graycliff Estate , conducted by Mr. Paolo Garzaroli

Wine Selection at Graycliff Estate

Some photos from “Sommelier of the Year 2010” which has been awarded to Mr. Cioca George Cristian – Sommelier on Oceania Cruises .

Mr. Cioca Ceorge Cristian – Sommelier of the Year

Sommeliers awarded…

Mr. Cioca George Cristian(1st. from the Left ) & Ms.Florea Loredana Elena ( 4th. from the Left ) – both working as Sommeliers on Oceania Cruises .CONGRATULATIONS !

Ms. Florea Elena Loredana – Sommelier – on board Oceania Cruises vessel

Another Great Romanian Sommelier – Ms. Veronica Tesa

Wine Display on board Ruby Princess

( Courtesy of Ms. Veronica Tesa )


A few days ago I’ve visited a small wine shop near My Office and I have found an Italian wine from Apollonio Casa Vinicola located in Southern Italy , near Lecce .

The wine I’ve tasted has the following atributes:


Origin unknown, its introduction into Puglia is probably due to Phoenician colonization or from later Greek arrivals. However, it is certain that at the end of the 8th century, its was selected by the primate Don Francesco Filippo Indellicati di Gioia del Colle who introduced and distributed the primitivo variety among the existing locally cultivated vines
Tolerance:resistance to Perenospora. Thrives in dry conditions and high temperatures
Wine features: Alcohol levels 12 – 16 %.
pH:3.2 – 3.4.
Total acidity:6-9 gm/l.

Area of production:Salento – Puglia
Cultivation:Low tree-like vines
Grape variety used:100% Primitivo
Climate:Mild winters with very dry springs and summers
Harvest:Manual harvest when grapes are fully ripe
Wine making:Traditional soaking for 30 – 45 days followed by fermentation of the must at controlled temperature.
Ageing:1 year in American barrels and 1 year in bottles
Colour:Ruby-red with burgundy flashes
Bouquet:Very typical and delicate
Alcoholic strength:14.50%.
Recommendation:Very suitable with roasts, red meat and game
Recommended temperature:18°C
Recommended glass:First decant and then serve in a large bowl-shaped glass
Storage time:Many years if stored properly

Let’s say that the price is more than fair in spite of the fact that it would be considered above average on Romanian Market Wine , however …it is an Outstanding wine and it’s been made by the book !

Congratulations Apollonio !

I’ll add some more in a couple of days !

Interestingly enough…this is a photo of Me while on board M/V Century ( sometime in 2005 ) discussing wines with one of My Guests during Auction Preview…photo taken by another guest ..I guess…was unaware completely

Esprit Soleil Merlot 2010

This is a new find in one of Bucharest’s wine shops…100% Merlot …I’ll let You know about it once I finish the bottle !

P.S. The only difference between this bottle in the above photo and My bottle ( I had to download a photo from a Dutch site …)would be that the one I purchased has a real cork instead of that screw cap …

Unfortunatelly , this has not been such a good wine , well ,It was not that bad either so let’s go to the next one :



Rio Anejo Tempranillo Merlot 2009

This Tempranillo Merlot from Rio Anejo was actually not bad at all , in spite of the fact that I like much dryer wines…but hey , My wife loved it so it’s OK !



White wine with yellow-green reflexions, with grapefruit, pineapple and grapey flaor. It has a fresh, lively taste.

The optimal temperature of consumption: cooled at 8 – 10°C.

Fish and chicken delicatessen, salad

Well , I’m about to open it , it has the right temperature , We have the right glasses ( Riedel ) ….

I’ll keep everyone posted on this one in a couple of days …

GOODWINE , Bucharest , March 2012

Good Afternoon Everyone !

I have received an invitation from Rotenberg Winery , a few days ago , with regards to some new wines which will be presented at GOODWINE Fair , in March 2012 , hosted by Pullman Hotel… I went there this morning and let me tell You , My dear friends and readers , I’ve had a few surprises !

Myself and Mr. Ionel Dan from Rotenberg Winery

Upon arrival , naturally , I have directed myself towards  Rotenberg Winery stand and , once again I’ve had the pleasure to meet Mr. Ionel Dan and later on ,of course , Mr. Michael Rotenberg always proud and present right besides the wines and opening them as every host should do at home surrounded by beloved guests and then HUGE surprise ! At the same stand there was some cheese , but what a wonderful cheese there was ! Oh man !!!

Mr. Michael Rotenberg opening a new arrival at Rotenberg Winery  a Merlot Rose …only 14.7…for the connoisseurs

Only Mr Rotenberg & Co could have strike such a find in Romania …and then , again , I’ve had the pleasure to meet Mr. Petre Miclos – Project Coordinator of “SAMBRUNIA” Cheese . WOW !

Well, this is the marvel I’m actually talking about : SAMBRUNIA Cheese

There were to types , 1 and 2 years maturated cheese !and it was wonderful and it went strikingly well with Rotenberg Wines !

During My tour around the stands I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few more friends , Sommeliers and winemakers…well , friends !

Mr. Stelian Stefan – Sommelier at Vinarte stand talking wine of course !

Mr. Stelian Stefan with Castel Bolovanu , decanted and ready to be served

Mr. Florin Voica Sommelier ( if You ask me a Master ) which I have not seen in 11 years ! and here He was !

I wonder what were They talking about?…right : wine !

Another good Sommelier at work at Casa de Vinuri Husi stand

General view of GOODWINE Fair 2012 , Bucharest at Pullman Hotel

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  3. I’ve just had a Brunello di Montalcino “Biondi-Santi” 2000 – GREAT WINE !

  4. Impresionant.Am lucrat ca si Captain server la Boca West Country Club pentru 2 sezoane iar din sezonul 2010-2011 lucrez ca si sommelierul clubului.Acest club este cel mai mare club din SUA cu peste 7000 de membri si cu 5 restaurante.De asemenea este clasificat ca si platinum.Sint singurul sommelier aici si lucrez la un nivel impresionant al vanzarilor.Sint intr-un internship si deci nu sint platit foarte bine.Asi dori sa lucrez pe vas de croaziera.Ar putea cineva sa ma ajute.In Romania vin in 2 aprilie,dar nu am nici un contact din lumea vinului.

    • Salut Bogdan ,
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  8. Primitivo grape variety is coming from Croatia and it s called Crljenak Kaštelanski which later became Zinfandel in US courtesy of italian immigrants

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