Cruise Ships I’ve been on

This is just to show you some cruise ships and to help you have an impression on what exactly a cruise ship looks like


M/V Sapphire of Louis Cruise Lines

Old ship , 150 m long , 650 passengers and 250 crew , My very first experience on a cruise ship was on this one …made me remember the military service….

I have just found some old photos with the interior of the vessel . Enjoy !

Italia-Grand-LoungeI can’t imagine a 1st and 2nd seating , serving food on those tables…and then again , times have changed …a lot

Italia-sapphire-restThat’s more like it

Italia-sapphire-lounge-2The Disco

Italia-sapphire-loungeThe Main Lounge


M/N Costa Marina –  Costa Crociere – docked

Italian cruise ship 170 m long , 850 passengers and about 260 crew on board

M/N Costa Marina In Geirangerfjord ( Norway )

M/N Costa Marina – that small dome – “Laguna Club” is where I worked.


GTS MillenniumCelebrity Cruises

Much bigger ship , 294 m long , 2680 guests on board and about 999 crew

M/V Century – Celebrity Cruises – before revitalization

Very nice cruise ship , 248 m long , 1808 guests on board and 843 crew

GTV Infinity – Celebrity Cruises – been there for only 3 months in order to start up Ocean Vineyards Program.

This is one of the four sister ships , Millennium Class that Celebrity Cruises has to date ,  294 m long , 2680 guests and 999 crew

M/V Century – Celebrity Cruises – after revitalization

M/V Century – Celebrity Cruises – balconies added

M/V Century – Celebrity Cruises – one could observe a new feature to the back of the ship…a “duck tail”

M/V Century – Celebrity Cruises – in all its splendor …actually the best ship I’ve ever been on !

M/V Century aerial view

A few shots from 2007 made on board River Explorer – GCCL

River Explorer Sun Deck

These are photos taken while going to Dominican Republic

Capesized M/Y Princess View 1

M/Y Princess view 2

Flyby over M/Y Princess view 3 ( word goes that the seaplane pilot claimed the yacht … )

Worst Case Scenario!…

100 Years ago in April the headlines were all about HMS Titanic , the famous cruise vessel doomed by floating glacier sinking in the North Atlantic….

Titanic going slowly under…(courtesy:”Titanic” Movie – Dir. James Cameron)

Every crew member and passenger for that matter , should be aware of such things in case it occurs …

Well , it looks like the lesson has not been learned 100 years later …last Friday the 13th. 2012…Costa Concordia deviating from course got in contact with a underwater rock on the seabed and run aground on its side near the Port of Giglio , Italy.

Costa Concordia in all its beauty

Who is to blame ? Most probably the Captain – being famous for steering the ship like driving Ferrari sports cars – Whom to congratulate ? For sure the Crew of Costa Concordia and ONLY the crew!

Listing Costa Concordia near Port of Giglio

A few tips :

1. Should such a event occur , listen to the Crew and do ONLY what they say !

2. As passengers , make sure that You keep QUIET in order to hear whatever the Crew is instructing You to do !

P.S. The least one panics the more will be saved ! Nowadays cruise vessels don’t sink that fast …

3. Crew has to act with authority and strong in order to give passenger the right amount of confidence getting them to Safety

4. Wear the life vests !

5. While Passengers Boat Drill before departure , ALL Passengers / Guests and Crew Members have to PAY ATTENTION to ALL INSTRUCTIONS given!

6. STOP wasting TIME going to cabins and staterooms looking for Your precious belongings …It WILL NOT get You to Safety!

Commander Gregorio de Falco

Commander Gregorio de Falco is the perfect example of how a Vessel Captain/Master ( cruise vessel or not ) should behave in case of an emergency !

Congratulations Comandante !

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