Crew Cabins & Accomodation on Cruise Ships

Many have asked how a crew cabin looks like … it big , small , does it have a window …can it be opened ??Some of the crew cabins do have a porthole and NO , it can’t be opened !…under no circumstances! So…have a look :

M/V Century of my first cabins on Deck 4 Forward , on the way to the crew bar…this is actually my workstation ..the beds are on the right hand side

M/V Century , NEW cabin , NEW workstation

Printer , Coke & The Wine Bible…

Cabin for ONE….bed for…ONE…

Porthole ( front of the ship ) and bathroom door

Bathroom …as everyone can see , everything is NEW …and clean!

GTS Infinity cabin , workstation , fridge , bed….tight but then again , this home away from …home

As one might be able to see , crew/staff cabins are well equiped , they even have a safety deposit box ( right corner of the photo )

It is of the outmost importance that the cabin , whatever the size , must be kept CLEAN at all times in order to ensure the well being of the occupant .Try and keep the cabin in a good order , clean with not to many things left out of place

This is an example on how NOT to maintain one’s cabin

Average crew hallway on a cruiseship

Sensitive subject , I know…however…standard crew bathroom on cruise ships

Crew cabin under works on some new cruise ship.

Crew cabin , bunk beds ( Courtesy Ms. Veli Madalina )

Magnets , Books , Cruise Schedule ….

General View on Standard Crew Bathroom

One more crew cabin …probably on board Disney Cruise Lines

Usual crew members mess…buffet style line

another crew mess…another cruise line

Officers mess…a bit more stylish…

I have come across a few photos made by a good friend in Hawaii around Pearl Harbour Memorial , in one of the war vessels …. true , We’re not talking about cruise ships , however , bunk beds and crew messes like the ones I’m gonna show You , still exist on older cruise vessels . Enjoy !

Photos : Courtesy of Ms. Julie Draghici

1069285_10151700393486769_870459299_nBunk Beds Military Style

1397479_10151700394281769_79643515_oMind You that I had to share a cabin with 6 beds on My first experience on a cruise ship ( it was the M/V Sapphire )

1410935_10151700393496769_384483778_oWe didn’t have this particular toothbrush holder ….

964881_10151700394266769_1149574376_oCrew Mess ( observe the shell in display )

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  1. Hello Adrian, I teach English to aspiring ship engineers and navigators at a maritime university in Istanbul. I am showing the class your great photos to explain to them about some shipboard accommodations. I can explain from my own experience with RCI over 14 years, but photos are worth all my words. In all that time on Royal Caribbean ships, I think I only took one photo of my cabin, so your efforts are much appreciated by me and my students. – Franklin

    • Dear Mr. Franklin !
      WOW ! Thank You so much for taking the time and show my blog to others !Especially students !I’ll just make sure to add more .As a matter of fact my blog is under constant update and every time I get new info , photos from my friends still on board cruise ships , I do add them!
      The 2nd. and 3rd Chapter – Kitchen Terms…. – is about to get updated with photos too !

      Thank You for Your visits and please receive My Best Regards !

  2. Hello. I just finished a cruise with Celebrity Solstice. I noticed the internet and phones were pretty expensive. Do the crew get free internet and calls?

    • Hello there !
      Not at ll…The crew might get lower fees on internet and calls however the internet band width is narrower …Time to call and surf is also not much since the crew has to be on duty most of the day.The good part is that the access exists nevertheless and as former crew member I had the chance to experience that…besides , there is always the wireless network already in place in most of the ports of call…so if You have a smart phone – as most of us do now – well….free internet surf…and free calls sometimes :)How was Your cruise ? I hope excellent !
      Best regards !

  3. My cruise was great! It was my second cruise, and it was the best of the two I’ve done! Thanks!

    • Excellent ! Glad to hear than …Celebrity is still one of the best!

  4. Hello sir! I got a couple more questions…

    How does the chain of command work with regards to officers? Does everyone report to the captain, including the cruise director? Can the captain dismiss the cruise director? Cruise director dismiss officers? Or how does that all work.


    I noticed when i was looking through some of the “Crew Only” doors i saw a sign warning crew members about bringing guests into the crew area, that they would be fired immediately if they did. Does that apply to all crew, including officers? And, why is it such a terrible offense for a member of the crew to bring a guest in? What are you hiding in there? 🙂 (kidding)


    • Hello there !
      Well , let me put it this way : On board a cruise ship…or any other ship for that matter …The Captain / The Master is a God like creature and watches over everything , keeping Us safe and the ship in good order and the right path.On a location such as a cruise ship or ship , having from 35 , up to 8.000 people on board ( crew and passengers/guests ) someone has to have “the ultimate power” and decide what;s best ….swift decisions are often made for the benefit of both crew and passengers/guests

      On the other question … it is very easy to imagine guests willing to party and visit the crew area or …vice versa …so in order to avoid all that and the possibility of getting to court for any other reasons well , the access to crew area for passengers / guests and the access of crew members to passenger / guest area is strictly forbidden . This apply to all crew from the Captain/ Master to the last dishwasher on board .
      One other aspect which anyone has to keep in view ( if I may say so ) …an anyone moment , being at sea there is always the danger of something going wrong …now …there are a lot of “trap” doors , so called WATER TIGHT DOORS and FIRE SCREEN DOORS which close automatically in case of emergency and ONLY crew members are instructed how to deal with such situations ….for instance , I’ve spent a couple of months in Piraeus ( Greece ) in 2001 and 2 weeks in Budapest ( Hungary ) in 2002 for safety training specialized for cruise ships and I can tell You that , as a crew member , is not that easy We only make it seem to be so the passengers / guests enjoy the cruise !

      ….so there is no offense , we’re not hiding anything and YES this rule apply to all crew members from the Captain/ Master down…..

      Please receive My Best Regards ,


  5. Are you seeing the news about the Cruise ship that sunk off the coast of Italy? Crazy!

    • Dear Dustin ,
      Yes I watch this case closely …I even worked for Costa Crociere a while ago….most unfortunate event , however , I seriously wonder if this occurred due to a Young Cadet in Training fooling around on the bridge of that ship…cause they are way to close from shore.

      Best Regards

  6. Dear Adrian,

    Thanks for your very informative and interesting site. I am working for Lloyd’s Register, the classification society, working on producing a training video for graduates and young engineers. One of the sections discussed is life on board and I would like to use the image of the GTS Infinity cabin to illustrate how they can expect to live on board. Could you let me know if this is possible. We will naturally credit it to yourself.

    Kind regards,

    Mat Curtis

    • Dear Mat ,

      Feel free to use the images from My Blog while discussing life on board cruise ships.More over , if it helps I could add a web site link of Yours( or the company You work for ) to My Blog Roll .
      Lloyd’s Register is one of the major partners in the cruise industry and We’re well aware of its importance.I do discuss with Our candidates ( I work at a recruiting agency for cruise line companies in Bucharest ) of the vital importance of the trainings , induction courses on board for safety and so on , of the regulations imposed by International Maritime Organisation ,…basically We’re trying to raise awareness when it comes to each and every crew member giving them the right information having as result a safer contract and of course a safe return at home.

      Please receive My Best Regards ,

    • Dear Mr. Curtis ,

      I just wanted to let You know that Our Agency (Samar’s Travel – Bucharest , Romania ) has received the Lloyd’s Register approval on MLC 2006 basis and ISO 9001 Quality management .

  7. Dear Adrian,

    apologies for the delay my focus had temporarily changed. Thanks so much for the permissions. I will pass on your suggestion to those in the training arena I am sure that they woud find that helpful.

    Kind regards,


    • Dear mat ,

      No need for apologies.I was busy as well…getting ready for a couple of interviews , final touches on my new apartment …we’ve just moved in tonight ! …
      Keep in touch !

      Please receive My Best Regards !


  8. hi i’m joanna from philippines., i;m really interested about how was it being a cabin crew in a such a luxurious ship. I really wanted to experience that. I really like your blog, cause it gives me ideas on how will it be if i got a chance to go on board but now, still i didn’t know where to start to be a crew, i’m not from the city, you know! i’m just a simple girl living in a small province of bataan here in the philippines. Living near the sea, maybe that is why i long to have a work that associate with the sea… i just can’t leave without it cause every morning when i wake up, i definitely look outside the window to see how the sea looks, if it’s calm or not. And i’m collecting sand from different places where i have been. but most of are given to me by my relatives when they went to some beach.
    thank you for giving me an insight. i really appreciate it that much

    • Hi there Joanna ,
      Thanks for visiting My blog.First of all , nowadays the cabins for crew are more than ok , they are clean ( well depending on who lives in it as well ) , they have air conditioning , tv , dvd player – some of them – two beds and so on….just as You see in the photos posted in this particular chapter .Being on board a cruise ship and working is fantastic ! The cabin will be a small corner of Your home and as long as You keep that in mind You’ll be fine ! With regards to the sea…calm or rough it makes really no difference at the moment because the cruise ships are so big and wide regardless of how big is the storm , You won’t feel anything .
      Once again , should You have any other specific questions , just let me know please .

      Receive My best Regards

  9. Hello,

    Would you have any idea how a single cabin in an NCL cruise ship looks like? I don’t have any experience working aboard a cruise ship before, so I’m a bit concerned when I was told it’s a 7-day, 10-hour job. I mean, do you really, really not have any free time at all? I’m applying for a position of Training Specialist, would you know what I can expect? I’ve browsed through a couple of blogs, videos, and forums, but haven’t bumped into one written by somebody familiar with the position.


    • Dear Chris ,
      Well , I’m not really familiar with NCL’s single cabin standard , however , on Celebrity Cruises the single/Officer/Management cabins were pretty cool , I mean , You’re alone first of all…You would have a decent amount o living space , your own bathroom ( small of course ) , one bed , a desk which would probably include a mini refrigerator , a TV set ( probably a DVD player or similar ) , storage space for clothes , book shelf maybe …
      Photos # 7 & 8 would show You how a single cabin accommodation on board Celebrity Cruises would look like

      I hope this answers Your questions

      Best Regards ,


  10. I really blog as well and I am posting a thing related to this specific article, “Crew
    Cabins & Accomodation on Cruise Ships | Hotel Training”.
    Do you really mind if perhaps I personallyemploy several of your
    personal suggestions? Thank you ,Anthony

    • Dear Anthony ,

      Please do ( If You don’t mind add the source You’ve taken the info/photos from ) !

      Best Regards ,


  11. Hi,
    I heard that you are going to Kuching,Malaysia. I cant wait to visit your ship. Is the crew in the ship are Christian, I’m Muslim, I am looking forward to be a crew in this ship someday
    Bye. Koriaty

    • Well , I’m not o cruise ships anymore and I have no idea where did You get his info from….On board cruise ships there are more than Christian and Muslims so if You get the chance to work one day on a cruise vessel , DO IT , it’s a fantastic and mind opening experience !

      Best Regards ,


  12. Hi there! Thanks for your post, it’s a little reassuring… I’m starting work on board a RC cruise liner next week and keep reding HORROR stories about working conditions!!! I mean, I am expecting to work loooong hours, it says so on the contract, but is there anything else I should know? Because I was really looking forward to this and am starting to freak out big time now! Thanks for any information 🙂

    • Hi there Lindsay , ou bien Bon Soir !
      It really depends on the job You got on board the cruise ship….Usually RCCL ( Royal Carribean ) has a pretty ok standard hen it comes to employees cabins , however ! , please note the following bellow :

      – CREW CABIN ( these are for Waiters , bar Waiters , cabin stewards both male and female ) : on most recent vessels you’ll have to share with only one crew member , the inside space is kinda small , You’ll have all necessary anyway : bunk bed , locker , TV ( some cabins have DVD player and so on …. ) small bathroom with standing shower , a small desk for Your lap top and so on , AC , 110 V to 220 V electricity so perhaps You’ll have to get some plugin adaptors .

      – STAFF CABIN ( shop attendants , photographers , some artists and entertainers etc ) – Those cabins are pretty much the same , however they are on higher decks ( floors ) , closer to passenger area ad some are even a little bit bigger .

      OFFICER / MANAGER CABIN ( managers , hotel director , officers and so on ) Well , here is definitelly a lot better cause You get to have Your own cabin….all alone ! Those cabins might include a small fridge and it’s larger !

      What will You do on board , I mean what job will You have ?

      I hope this helps

      Let me know if you have other questions and just in case You’re French ( judging by the e-mail address , YES ) , You could write en francais et je vais te repondre !

      ’till then

      A tres bientot !


  13. Hi again! I’m not sure if you got my last reply, for some reason I can’t see it so… Anyway, I was saying, I’ll be a member of the youth staff! Does that put me in the crew of staff cabins? 🙂
    Other than that, I don’t really have other questions… Just looking for reassurance I think! Is the food ok? I’m vegetarian… shoudl I maybe tell the company? Is the general atmosphere among crew alright?… Thank you very much for your answer!

    • Hi Lindsay ,

      Well , You’ll qualify for Staff and for sure You’ll have a better cabin ….a little bit better than crew’s for sure. The food is quite all right on board cruise vessels over all…for sure , being a vegetarian will not b a problem ! Fruits are available in Staff Mess / Crew Mess / Officer’s mess around the clock , salads are available ans so on ….You’ll see . With regards to reassurance , You don’t have to worry to much , enjoy the experience .Once on board , tell Your manager that you’re vegetarian and for sure they will lead you to the “good stuff” :)… Atmosphere is allright , however , should You have any concerns , do let me know and I’ll answer . If You have concerns that are more sensitive in nature , send me please a small e-mail at : . I’ve spent a few years on board cruise ships and now I’m working in a recruiting agency for cruise lines therefor , I would have some feedback

      Please receive My best Regards


  14. Thank you very much Adrian, I feel far more comfortable about it now. Think I was just getting cold feet haha. 6 months away is quite long after all! 🙂

    • Sounds Great ! Let Me know how it goes ! ….and of course : have a great contract !

  15. Hi adrian, interesting blog, I’ve learned a lot about cruise life. I just applied as a nursery counselor at DCL and I’ll be having my interview soon. I was just wondering if there is a certain height requiremnt? Haha! You see, I’m a Filipina, petite and only 5 feet. I’ve read a lot of negative feedbacks on working conditions and working environments/ racial discrimination on a cruise ships and it makes me a lil’ bit worried. I’m afraid of getting bullied. Lol.

    • Hi there ,

      The job You got is very good , however , You’ll have to pay special attention to the children You’ll work with . The DCL policy in this regard is quiet strict ! With regards to the other matter ( of being to small in height ) well , this is not a problem and never has been ! The rules and regulations are also very strict and harsh and usually there is “0” ( zero ) tolerance especially when it comes to racial discrimination / sexual abuse / theft / violence and such. Should such an issue arise , the only thing You have to do would be to report to the Manager or the people in charge or straight to the Captain. Usually the crew member in cause will be fired on spot .
      Please let me know if this helps and should You have any other concerns , let Me know .

      Please receive My Best Regards ,


  16. […] As you can see in the above photo there’s a lot of stuff in the room and the room can get cluttered easily if you don’t pay attention.  Also, there are strict rules on cleanliness and there are random cabin inspections to see if team members comply with all the rules. These are to ensure that there is no infestation of bed bugs, cockroaches, mold, etc. because these are after all shared accommodations and the ship is a confined environment. The most important reason is to make sure that everything is in proper working condition and that there is no risk of fire. Each room is equipped with a smoke detector and sprinklers. Extension cords (like the one in the photo) are not allowed in the cabins.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll try to answer your question as soon as possible.  Also, I came across this great post with many cabin photos so head on to Hotel Training […]

  17. Hi, I read your blogs on a regular basis. Your story-telling style is
    witty, keep it up!

  18. That is really fascinating, You’re a very skilled blogger.
    I’ve joined your rss feed and sit up for searching for extra of your wonderful post.
    Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks.

  19. I would like to work on cruise ships but I am very afraid of being trapped in a fire or flood with water tight doors. Can you escape if a water tight door closes trapping you? How scared should I be?

    • Dear Paul , There are safety courses and trainings both in land and on board and the main reason they’re mandatory is that We need everyone to be safe. Nowadays , the cruise ships are very safe and modern….if accidents occur , it is almost 100% human error , lack of attention , lack of common sense , etc…..

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