Value of a Smile!

A smile costs nothing , but gives so much .It reaches those who receive without making poorer those who give .It takes but a moment , but the memory lasts sometimes a lifetime .

None is so rich and mighty that he can get along without it , and no one is so poor but that he can be made richer by it.

A Smile creates happiness in the home , fosters good will I business .It brings rest to the weary , cheer to the discouraged .

A Smile is sunshine to the sad, and is nature’s best antidote for trouble .

Yet it cannot be bought , begged , borrowed , nor stolen , for it is of no value to anyone until it is given away.

Some people are too tired to give you a Smile . Give them one of Yours , as none needs a Smile so much as he who has no more to give.

No matter where You stand ( working in a hotel / hospitality establishment ) , once You see the client / customer a smile is worth more than a thousand words !

Just imagine the stress and fatigue of a client / customer experiences once He’s in a new place , after traveling long hours , having to go trough difficult custom checks and so on …so just imagine the relief once inside Your hotel when You WELCOME Him and tell Him everything is set and in order …with a smile !

Actually this is the Corner Stone of the Hospitality Industry !

Sometime ago , I’ve been told that smile can not be transposed in a graphic display nor could the smile be quantified or measured ….the statement belongs to the University of Hotel & Commerce Management Dean ( I won’t give out the name ) “Dimitrie Cantemir” – Bucharest and it’s been made in My presence and University’s Secretary…

This is a humble an minimalist example … On top of that , I’ve created a poll ( …should have made it long time ago ) and soon I’ll add statistics to this topic as well ).

English Version

Romanian Version

More to come on this very important chapter …

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