Chapter 90.4.Glossary and General View on Restaurant & Kitchen Terms


Here is the fourth chapter ….photos soon to follow

Tabasco Sauce

Trademarked brand of Tabasco pepper sauce, barrel aged for three years, from the McIlhenny family, Louisiana. ‘Tabasco’ comes from the Mexican state of the same name, from where the chilies originate


North African and Middle Eastern salad of couscous, millet, lemon juice, raisins, chopped mint and parsley. Other additional ingredients include dried fruit, chopped vegetables


Thicker than Soy Sauce, but made the same way. Suitable as a condiment or for basting roast meats


Dip of finely diced black olives, garlic and olive oil


Long, pointed green leaves prized for the anise-like scent, widely used in French cuisine

Tartar Sauce

Mayonnaise, onions, parsley, finely diced pickles and capers, lemon juice, seasoning. Cold sauce served with seafood


Japanese term for meat or fish seared and marinated with vinegar, then sliced thinly and coated crushed ginger. Meaning ‘broken apart’ in Japanese, from the pounding of the ginger


The most common drink on earth. Leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, dried, fired and steeped in hot water, served with milk, sugar or lemon. White, green and black tea all comes from the same plant, but is harvested at different growth stages and processed differently.


(American) cut of steak from between the rib and the short loin, producing the famous cuts for Chateaubriand, Filet Mignon and Tournedos


Japanese dipping sauce made from Soy Sauce, Mirin and Dashi


See Pâté


Sauce made from Béchamel with white wine, tarragon, shallots and mustard which is used to top lobster meat

Thousand Island dressing

Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Tabasco, Cream, Salt, Pepper, Paprika


Woody herd that stands up well in the oven or on the grill and goes very well with Pork, Chicken and Tomatoes

Tia Maria

Jamaican coffee liqueur based on Rum


French word describing a shallow earthenware casserole as well as the food it contains. Originally refers to a French eastern dish, gratinate mixed vegetables.


Italian Mascarpone cream cheese cake. Layers of sponge cake or lady fingers soaked in Tia Maria or Kahlua, espresso coffee, topped with cocoa powder. ‘Tiramisu’ means ‘Pick me up ‘ in Italian and used to be eaten in the morning


Hot drink made from the steeping of dried herbs, fruits, flowers, roots and leaves or a blend of such in hot water. Does not include tea.


To brown (especially bread) under a grill

Toffee Sauce

Caramel sauce with butter.


Soya bean curd.


Italian sauce made from puréed tuna, anchovies, capers, lemon juice and olive oil


(American) cut of steak from the top of the loin section of the cow. Widely known as the ‘New York Strip’ steak


Usage of cheese cloth to mold foie gras terrine for example as sausage shape


Small pasta stuffed with various fillings, shaped into a ring or hat shape.


Mexican pancake made by corn flour.


Thick slice of the head of the beef fillet.


From England, sponge cake doused with spirits covered with jam and custard, topped with whipped cream and garnished with candied or fresh fruits, nuts or grated chocolate.


Fish, mainly found in freshwater, but there are ocean varieties. They are a meaty fish, related to the salmon. Smoked trout is very popular. Common varieties include Rainbow, Spotted and Brown


Rich confection made with a mix of melted butter, cream, sugar and various flavorings such as liqueurs, spices, vanilla, coffee or nuts. After cooled down, rolled into balls and covered with cocoa powder.


Very light pastry dough made with flour, icing sugar and egg white


The ground root of a leafy plant in the ginger family. The musky taste and bright yellow colour gives distinct flavour to many sauces


Found in temperate marine waters throughout the world, tuna is a member of the Mackerel family. There are numerous varieties of tuna, the best known being albacore, blue fin, black fin (or big eye), yellow fin and skipjack (or bonito). All tunas have a distinctively rich-flavoured flesh that is moderate to high in fat, firmly textured, flaky and tender. The high-fat albacore has the lightest flesh and is the only tuna that can be called “white”. The Yellow fin tuna is usually larger; the flesh is pale pink with a flavour slightly stronger than that of the albacore. The small bonitos rarely exceed 25 pounds. They range from moderate to high-fat and are the most strongly flavoured of the tunas


Game bird native to North America


A puff pastry half-moon or triangular shaped filled with stewed fruit (apple turnover)

Tuscan bean soup

Spicy bean soup with cream, served with garlic croutons


Greek condiment, yoghurt with cucumber, garlic, seasonings and chopped mint leaves


Cold dessert made of a ring of meringue or almond paste filled with ice cream and/or whipped cream


Seed pods used to flavour dessert, known for the intense aroma


One of the four classic Mother sauces. White stock, stirred into roux. The base for other sauces, such as Allemande.


Pasta sauce made from white wine, baby shrimp, green peppercorns, bell pepper, cream, garlic and parsley


Deer or reindeer meat

Verte Sauce

Mayonnaise coloured green with watercress or spinach. See also ‘Green Goddess Sauce’


Potato and leek broth, blended with cream


A pastry basket used for canapés. ‘Vol-au-vent’ means ‘Fly in the air’ in French, referring to the incredible lightness of the structure


Similar to pancake batter, baked in special grid-type iron machines. Delicate, crisp texture with choice of toppings.

Waldorf salad

Mayonnaise with chopped apples, celery and nuts. Waldorf Astoria with additional pineapple.


The fruit of the tree of the same name. A wrinkled, brain-shaped nut with an intense, savoury flavour


Japanese horseradish. The colour is green and it’s an extremely hot condiment. It’s normally sold as a powder, water has to be added.

Water Chestnut

Crisp and crunchy white root of an aquatic plant native to S. E. Asia. The flavour is bland, but it is included in stir fries, etc for its texture


Thought to be native from Europe. Usually eaten raw as salad or garnish. Light green, looks like a cabbage, refreshing taste, very crispy also when cooked


Cereal biscuit from England made entirely of compressed wheat flakes and nothing else


Beef fillet covered with foie gras, mushroom Duxelles, and meat farce, wrapped in puff pastry and baked.

Western Potato

Wedge of potatoes, par baked then deep fried and coated with Cajun spices

White bread

Bread made in a standard rectangular loaf using bleached flour

Whole Wheat

Bread made in a standard rectangular loaf using unbleached flour


Small round shaped Chinese dumplings. Wonton dough will be filled with pork, shrimp, beef or poultry, than poached or deep-fried.

Worcestershire Sauce

English condiment made up of anchovies, lime, garlic, soy sauce, tamarind, molasses, vinegar and various sauces

Yellow Squash

Relative of the pumpkin and watermelon, with a bright yellow flesh


A member of the Jack family of fish, which includes Tuna. White flesh with a meaty texture

Yoghurt Dressing

Plain yoghurt, chopped fresh herbs, sugar, seasoning

Yorkshire Pudding

Flour, milk, salt, pepper and eggs roasted in meat fat until crispy.


Small, sour Japanese limes


Summer-season squash and a key ingredient in Ratatouille. Also known as ‘Courgette’



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