Chapter 90.2.Glossary and General View on Restaurant & Kitchen Terms



Mexican flour tortilla filled with meat, bell peppers, and onions, served with guacamole, sour cream, salad leaves and sometimes shredded cheese.


Bow tie shaped pasta.

Fava Bean

Also called ‘Broad Bean’ A large cousin of the Lima bean, with a thick skin and buttery taste


A relative of celery. The bulbous base is treated as a vegetable, while the short stalks have a more mild anise flavour than celery

Fennel Seeds

Small, delicately anise-scented seed often ground and combined with pork dishes


Greek cheese made from sheep’s milk. Denmark is the world largest producer, feta keeps well in oil


Flat, narrow strip of pasta.


Teardrop shaped fruit with purple/green skin and bright pink, seedy flesh. Great accompaniment for many types of cheese

Figaro Sauce

Hollandaise sauce with minced parsley and tomatoes

Filo or Phyllo

Tissue thin layers of pastry dough. Very similar to Strudel dough. Popular in Greek and Turkish cuisine

Fingerling potatoes

Potatoes finger shape with the skin on

Finnan Haddie

Smoked haddock fish, very intensive smell and taste. Usually served as a breakfast dish

One Whole Shallot
2 ounces Butter
3 tablespoons whole Flour
One Pound Finnan Haddie
1/2 cup Scotch Whiskey
2 cups fish stock (or fish boullion)
1 cup heavy cream
4 large potatoes, peeled and boiled

Skin and chop the Finnan Haddie fillet. Saute the fillet and chopped shallot in the butter until the onions are transparent. Add flour and cook for two minutes over medium heat. Add scotch and cook an additional minute to release alcohol. Add heated fish stock and whisk until smooth. Bring to a boil and add heated cream. Boil again, lower heat, and cook slowly to desired consistency.
Serve over warmed, cooked potatoes.


Same base than caramel custard without caramel

Flank Steak

(American) cut of steak from along the outside of the rib cage

Fleur de Sel

Flower of Salt’ in French, flakes of sea-salt prized for their mellow, pure flavour


Usually referring to egg or fish dishes that are presented on a bed of spinach and topped with Mornay sauce


Italian style soft, flat bread with olive oil and herbs

Foie Gras

French name of goose or duck liver meat, often served glazed with brandy or port, or as a terrine or made into a pâté-like spread and served with brioche

Fondantes Potato

Larger turned potatoes glazed in the oven with butter until golden brown


Fore leg of (esp.) sheep, used for braising and stews


Pastry cream made from milk, sugar, flour, egg, butter and almond paste

French Coffee

Strong coffee, Cognac and whipped cream

French dressing

White wine vinegar, Vegetable Oil, Garlic, Mustard, Salt, Lemon Juice, Sugar

French Onion Soup

Very thick soup (consommé) based on beef stock, red or white wine and served with melted cheese crouton

French Toast

Raisin bread soaked in egg and milk mixture, fried and served with syrup and jellies.

Fried Eggs

Over: Whole eggs fried in a pan and turned once during cooking. Called ‘over easy’ if the yolk is still very runny, ‘over medium’ if already more cooked and ‘over well’ if the whole eggs are cooked thoroughly

Sunny Side Up: Whole eggs fried in pan. The eggs are not turned; therefore the yolk remains untouched by heat on the top, very yellow

Frisee salad

Small, curly & green leaves, crispy when cold. Light lettuce taste


An Italian mixed fried platter, similar to the Japanese tempura platter. A mixture of vegetables, meat, and fish are dipped in a light batter and quickly deep fried to prevent a saturation of grease into the food

Frog legs

A delicacy made by the skinned leg of frogs

Frosting (Icing)

Mix some icing sugar with water and flavour; it’s used to coat small or large cake and biscuit

Fruit Salad

Mix of fruits peeled and cut and ready to eat, usually for breakfast. Fruit yoghurt may be used as a ‘dressing’

Fruits of the Forrest

Mix of berries, including Blackberries, Redcurrants, Raspberries and Strawberries. Forrest refers to Germany’s Black Forrest

Frutti di Mare

Tomato-based pasta sauce with white wine, clams, mussels, scallops, shrimp garlic and onion

Fudge sauce

Chocolate sauce with starch and additional butter, heavier than choc sauce


Spiral shaped pasta


Indonesian favorite consists of a mixture of raw and slightly cooked vegetables served with a spicy peanut sauce.


Mousseline with gelatine added, slowly cooked in Bain Marie.

Galettes Potato

Duchess potatoes rolled into 3-5cm thick sausage shapes, then sliced into discs and sautéed. Similar to Rosti


Wild, as opposed to reared, meat, e.g. fowl, rabbit, deer, salmon


½ chocolate, ½ heavy cream heated and stirred together until the chocolate has melted. Used to coat the cakes

Garbanzo Bean

See Chick Pea


One of the most widely used food stuffs, a pungent member of the onion family that grows a segmented bulb, grown and used all around the world


Traditional French tart or cake. An also being used to designated a dish made of Layers

Gaufrette Potato

Waffle shaped potatoes and deep-fried


Spanish cold soup made with cucumber, tomato, garlic, onion, red pepper, bread crumbs and olive oil, thickened with breadcrumbs. Served with garlic croutons


A colorless and tasteless substance extracted from the bones and cartilages of animals and also from certain algae (Agar-agar) Sold as a powder or as transparent leaves, dissolves in hot water then sets to a jelly consistency

Genevoise Sauce

An intense sauce of mirepoix and Espagnole with red wine and fish stock, reduced down then strained, after which, anchovy paste, butter and minced mushrooms are stirred in


Indian clarified butter


A major spice in Asian, Indian and Caribbean cuisine. The root of a tropical plant that grows in a knobby fashion. The skin, tan in colour, is not used, but the flesh, pale yellow gives a pungent, spicy aroma and taste


Creamy-tomato pasta sauce with vodka, smoked salmon, onion and garlic


Norwegian cheese from goat’s milk, semi-hard, with a sweet, caramel flavour and a mild after taste

Glace de Viande

Reduction of meat juices to a thick and syrupy consistency, used to add colour and flavour to sauces

Glass Noodles

Oriental style noodles made of rice flour, very thin and clear colour


thin shiny coating, or the act of applying the coating


A la Romaine made with semolina, egg yolk and cheese

A la Parisienne made with choux pastry and cheese

A la Piemontaise made with potato puree, egg and flour


Large game bird with yellow skin and lighter flavoured flesh than duck


Italian cow’s milkcheese, creamy and pungent that grows stronger in taste with ageing


Dutch, semi-soft cheese with a nutty, mild flavour


Hungarian soup based on potatoes, onion, bell peppers and beef cubes, flavoured with a lot of paprika


Frozen fluid scraped off for a granular texture


Large citrus fruit, associated with Florida and California, popular as a breakfast starter


Clustered berries, the source of wine, come in white (green) and red, only certain varieties of grape are sweet enough to eat raw


A mix of milk, cream and cheese (usually Gruyere or similar) for baking vegetables in

Gratin Dauphinois

Potato dish of thick sliced potatoes covered in milk and cream and seasoned, then baked. When cooked half way, Gruyere cheese is added


Cured salmon in two parts of sugar and one part of rock salt with dill, juniper berries, lemon juice, orange zest and aquavit for 48 hours. Usually served with a mustard dill sauce


Sauce made from the fat of roasted meats, sometimes with added tomato paste, thickened with flour. Served with meat, potatoes, rice, etc…

Green Goddess Dressing

Blended mix of egg yolks, Vegetable oil, spinach, watercress and salt and pepper

Green Tea

Tea made from un-fermented leaves, producing a green-tinted drink. Very popular in Asia. Varieties include Gunpowder, Jasmine and Tencha

Green Tomato

An species of tomato, unripened for a less sweet taste


Finely chopped lemon peel, garlic and parsley (used to top the Osso Bucco).


Cereal cooked in water. Served mostly with egg dishes or standalone as breakfast hot cereal


Italian breadstick


Swiss hard cheese, used in Gratins, as it grates to fine quite easily


Mexican thick dip made out avocado with tomato, garlic, onion, lime juice, cilantro and seasonings. Served with tortilla chips

Guinea Fowl

Game bird popular in France


Stout styled Ale from Dublin used to flavour stews, especially beef


Very thick and spicy soup of vegetables with okra (lady fingers). In general Creole style cooking, spicy, always related to Okra

Gunpowder Tea

A green tea from the Zhejiang province of China. It has a slight smoky flavour, but the name comes from the technique of rolling the leaves into tiny balls to preserve freshness, making them look like gunpowder


Abundant in northern Pacific and Atlantic waters, this large member of the Flatfish family can weigh up to half a ton. The norm ranges between 50 and 100 pounds. Halibut meat is low fat, white, firm and mild flavored.


Japanese name for sushi grade Yellowtail


Plain ground beef meat seasoned with salt and pepper. Served grilled on a bun, often topped with lettuce, tomato and onion. With addition of a slice of cheese, we call it cheeseburger

Hard Sauce

A traditional accompaniment to plum pudding. Butter, sugar and brandy or whisky are whisked to a cream, and then set in the fridge in moulds to harden. These are then place on the hot dessert. Otherwise known as Brandy Butter

Haricot vert

French name for string beans


Fiery-hot North African sauce is usually made with hot chilies, garlic, cumin, coriander, caraway and olive oil. Used to flavour soups and stews

Hash brown potatoes

Boiled and shredded potatoes seasoned with salt and pepper, packed together with oil and slowly grilled until it is brown


A round tree-grown nut, about 1 ½ cm in diameter, used chopped, ground or whole in baking and cooking

Heart of Palm

Usually canned hearts of young growth palm trees. Used mostly for salads


Rich, sweet-tasting flowers dried and used to make a tisane


Foreleg of pig, used for braising


A rich, dark, sweet barbecue sauce used in Chinese cooking for marinades and basting. Hoisin sauce is easily recognizable in Mu Shu pork and Peking duck. The sauce is made from soybean flour, chilies, red beans, and Chinese five spice


Clarified butter, whisked egg yolks with lemon juice

Hom Ha

Variation of Nom Pla, using shrimp as the based. Distinct, aromatic sauce for condiment and cooking in Vietnamese cuisine. Known as ‘Bagoong’ in the Philippines

Honey Mustard Dressing

French dressing with honey and mustard added


Species of melon with pastel green flesh


White pungently spicy root, grated, used as a condiment for beef dishes


Middle Eastern sauce made with mashed chick-peas, lemon juice, sesame oil and garlic

Ice Cream

Cream, milk, sugar and flavouring churned whilst freezing to produce a dessert

Iceberg lettuce

Green leaves, very crispy, very refreshing (contains a high amount of water). Usually cut into small pieces

Irish Coffee

Strong coffee with Irish whiskey (like Jameson’s’) brown sugar and whipped cream

Italian Dressing

Red wine vinegar, Balsamic vinegar, Vegetable oil, Olive oil, Fresh herbs, crushed garlic

Italian Parsley

Flat leaved variety of Parsley


German liqueur consisting in 56 botanicals macerated in spirit up to 6 weeks than maturated in oak casks.

Jamaican Coffee

Strong coffee with Jamaican rum (like Myers) and whipped cream


Norwegian, semi-hard cheese with a nutty flavour

Jasmine Tea

Chinese blended tea leaves flavoured by the inclusion of young Jasmine flower buds

John Dory

Found in European waters, this fish has an oval, flat body and a large, spiny head. The flesh is delicate and mild and can be cooked in a variety of ways including grilling, sautéing and poaching.


Cutting size for vegetables. A thin Alumettes shape

Juniper Berries

Too sour to eat raw, these tart, blue-black berries are used to liven up stuffing and meat sauce. Goes well with pheasant


Natural juices of fried, roasted or broiled meats


Mexican coffee liqueur based on Tequila


Small chunks of meat, fish or shellfish usually marinated before being threaded on a skewer and grilled over coals

Kecap Manis

Indonesian sauce made from soya beans, garlic, star anise and palm sugar. Can be used as a sauce, marinade or condiment

Kippered Herrings

Salty, bony fish smoke cured and served with lemon for breakfast


Furry, brown skin covers bright green flesh and a flavour similar to pineapple or strawberry


A mild, sweet turnip


Indonesian shrimp bread or crackers


Tiny, oval oranges with bitter-sweet flesh


Young sheep meat

Lapsang Souchong

Tea from China’s Fukian province with a distinct smoky flavour, due to leaves being blended with charred oak chippings


Bacon, finely diced and used to add salt and meaty flavour to salads and sauces


Jewish pancake of potato, egg and onion, pan fried and served hot


Member of the onion and garlic family and with a similar, but milder, taste, growing tall like a thick scallion


Yellow citrus fruit

Lemon Curd

Sweet jelly made from the oil in lemon skin, used in cakes and pies


Green citrus fruit

Linzer torte

Austrian pastry. Sweet short bread dough flavoured with lemon and cinnamon, topped with raspberry jam and decorated with strips of pastry


Highly-prized shellfish from the crustacean family. The State of Maine, USA produces very high-quality specimens. The claw meat is the most delicate and favorable of the lobster’s meats, whereas the tail provides creamy, luscious flesh

Lollo Rosso salad

Green leaves with a red curly tip, soft to the bite, not a bitter or sour lettuce, light taste

Lollo Verde salad

Same as rosso, but the leaves are green


Tropical plum-like fruit with pink or yellow skin and silvery flesh, similar in taste to a leeches

Louis Sauce

Seafood dressing made with mayonnaise, chili sauce, cream, scallions, green peppers lemon juice and seasonings


Chinese fruit with a rough, red skin and juicy white flesh that has a unique, tropical taste, wrapped around a smooth stone

Lyonnaise Potato

Sautéed with sliced onions

Lyonnaise Sauce

Sauce made of sautéed onions, white wine and demi-glace

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